The TFO boasts a full symphony orchestra and many other ensembles. Some of our concerts feature the full orchestra, and others feature smaller groups and soloists. We also have a jazz orchestra and a saxophone orchestra. What are all of these ensembles? Where can you expect to hear them? Are you interested in hosting a concert and want to know what kind of group is ideal for your space? Scroll down to learn more!


When all of our musicians come together for a performance, this group is our full orchestra. It performs symphonies and other large symphonic works dating from the 1700s to the present. There are about 20 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos, 3 double basses, 2-3 flutes,

2-3 oboes, 2-3 clarinets, 2-3 bassoons,

4-5 french horns, 2-4 trumpets, 3 trombones, a tuba, and 1-6 percussionists on stage during our orchestra concerts.


This is a large group with about 60 members and requires large spaces. We usually schedule concerts for this ensemble on the weekends at Branson High School’s auditorium.


The TFJO is a traditional jazz band made of horns and a rhythm section. The brass players and rhythm section are also members of the full orchestra, and the saxophonists are members of the saxophone orchestra. These folks are classically trained and multitalented and enjoy this opportunity to perform jazz standards. The group also features local artists like Gail Lennon.

This ensemble is playing exclusively at the Branson Landing and is sponsored by the Branson Parks and Recreation Department.

The Taneycomo Percussion made its debut during our 2016 season. This group puts on an eclectic concert featuring our musicians that create beautiful music by hitting stuff! The Taneycomo Percussion is coordinated by award-winning, American composer, percussionist, and conductor, Jamie Wind Whitmarsh.  This ensemble creates a fascinating soundscape with a wide array of instruments and colors.


The Taneycomo Winds, AKA The Red-Hots, is made of Chelsea Koziatek (flute), Victoria Lee (oboe), Larkin Sanders (clarinet),
Kyra Sims (horn), and Genevieve Beauleiu (bassoon). These ladies hail from Michigan,
California, New York, and Florida, but love a good opportunity to play together. This diverse
ensemble sounds just as colorful as it looks.


They have performed in collaboration with the
White River Artist Alliance at Vintage Paris Cafe and have performed programs for children at
Hollister Elementary School and the Taneyhills Library.


The Taneycomo Saxophones are comprised of Tre Wherry, Gorden Gest, Alex Blomarz, and Adam Briggs. These guys come from Illinois, Texas, Michigan, and Florida to play with the TFO in addition to performing at conferences and other high profile events. As classically trained musicians, they'll produce sounds that you never thought could possibly come from the saxophone.



The Taneycomo Brass is a group of five brass players from the orchestra who play everything from renaissance dances to modern movie scores. They have a big beautiful sound and always give energetic performances. Members include Nick Ciulla (trumpet), Steve James (trumpet), Wil Dannenberg (horn), Dan Stull (trombone), and Gretchen Renshaw (tuba). The Tanycomo Brass reside in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.


They can be found entertaining all kinds of audiences from young children at the Taneyhills Library to adults in the Black Horse Pub.

The Taneycomo Strings, AKA Westheimer String Quartet, made its debut during our 2016 season.  Its members are Sean O’Neal (violin), Zachary Montasser (violin), Ilana Mercer (viola), and Daron Kirsch (cello). These four musicians come from Texas and have descended from a time-tested lineage of chamber music making and perform music form all time periods.


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