Thinking about playing with the TFO this summer? Want to know more about the expectations of orchestra members? Check out the article below to learn what playing with the TFO is all about.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.


We provide all traveling musicians with a host family.  Upon arrival into Branson, we will host a bar-b-que to introduce each musician to his or her host family.  You will be able to sleep and relax at your host family's home. We will arrange the host families and roommates so that each orchestra member will have a ride to rehearsal.  Most hosts are not musicians, so it will be important to come prepared with a music stand for practice.



In 2013, the TFO was fondly nick-named, "The Food Orchestra." Lunches are catered into Branson High School, which serves as our rehearsal and orchestral concert venue.  A local family or organization generously provides each of the evening meals.  We also provide snacks throughout daily rehearsals (often there is a breakfast food available). 



Branson is a destination city, and orchestra members are encouraged to take advantage of fun stuff in the area.  There are beautiful lakes, a beach, amusement parks, countless shows and restaurants, and great shopping opportunities.  Get together, and go exploring!


Social Gatherings

There will be social gatherings each night.  Branson has an eclectic nightlife with opportunities for karaoke, dancing, and other bar-scene activities.  However, there will always be an option to “stay in” at the Sanders House (home of Executive-Artistic Director, Larkin Sanders) and relax with other orchestra members.

Orchestral Music Selection

Orchestra music will be selected by the Artistic Advisory Committee approximately eight months prior to the start of the festival.  However, we are always open to suggestions!

Orchestra Rehearsals

Orchestra rehearsals begin bright and early at 9:00 AM and last until 12:00 PM (at which time, we will break for lunch).  Before arriving at the TFO, each orchestra member will receive a detailed schedule showing the exact time each piece will be rehearsed and will be able to plan accordingly.  Members will also receive their music via email well in advance and should have the opportunity to print and practice in advance.


Orchestra Concerts

Concerts with the TFO are more casual than most orchestral concerts.  Our dress code is black bottoms with a solid colored top of choice.  Ladies also have the option of wearing a solid colored, conservative dress.  Concerts are given at Branson High School's Auditorium. There will be two full-scale symphonic concerts and one serenade concert.

Chamber Music Selection

Chamber music repertoire is selected by the TFO members and is programmed by the Artistic Advisory Committee.  When members apply for a position with the TFO, they will be asked to list the chamber music repertoire that they would be interested in playing.  Not all pieces submitted will be selected.  


Chamber Music Rehearsals

Once chamber music repertoire has been selected and programmed, the Artistic Director will schedule rehearsals accordingly to prevent scheduling overlaps and to ensure that the proper amount of rehearsal time is granted to each piece and group.  Each member of the orchestra will have at least one chamber music assignment.


Chamber Music Concerts

We will program between six and eight chamber music concerts.  Our venues include Vintage Paris Café, Plum Bazaar Bead Shop, the Old Stone Church, and Black Horse Pub.  Dress is completely casual (blue jeans are encouraged!).  All concerts are in the evening except the weekend concerts, which will be in the afternoon.  All orchestra members are required to attend all of the chamber music concerts.

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