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At TFO, we provide musicians with host families to cut down on the cost of running the festival and to give our musicians who travel all over the world to play in TFO the true "Branson Experience."  Hosting musicians is a great way to build an intimate relationship with our orchestra and to touch the lives of young musicians.  


As a host family, you will be assigned musicians that we will match to your requests in the application below.  In the first week of hosting, there will be a specific night designated to spending time with your musicians.  The musicians will entertain you with a private concert, and we ask that you have a "family dinner" with them on this evening (evening TBA).  This will be the only meal you will be asked to provide for your musicians.  TFO will cover the rest of their food expenses, and we will arrange transportation for everyone.  Our musicians are low-maintenance; all you need to provide for them is a place to sleep and shower.  If you have any questions about hosting, please check out our Hosting FAQs or feel free to Contact Us with any further questions.  


We hope you will host a few musicians in your home this summer!  Hosting musicians is considered an in-kind donation to TFO, and all donations are tax-deductible under the IRS code 501(c)(3). 

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