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Hosting can seem like a daunting situation.  Here are some of the most common questions asked by hosts and their answers.



  • Do I need to feed my guests?
We will reserve one of the evenings at the beginning of the festival as a "Have Dinner with Your Hosts" night.  For this night, it would be ideal if you could have dinner with your guests in order to get to know one another.  For the remainder of the festival, you are not obligated to provide any food unless you simply want to.
  • ​Will I have to provide transportation?

No.  Most of the musicians will drive a car to the festival.  Those who are not driving will have arrangements made on their behalf for transportation.  In other words, they will get a ride from a roommate or someone else in the orchestra.


  • How much will I interact with my guests?

Most musicians will be out of the house and busy from about 8:30 AM until 10:00 PM or later.  After the first couple of evenings, you may rarely see your guests outside of concerts.


  • I have pets. Does this prevent me from hosting?

No. Many of our musicians are animal lovers and would love to be placed in a home with animals. Having said that, we do make it a point to place musicians with allergies and other pet-related issues in homes without pets.


  • What are the age ranges of the musicians?

Our traveling musicians are anywhere between 18 and 33 years old.  We do arrange the musicians who are living togethe during the festival according to age, gender, and perceived compatibility.



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