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The TFO provides free classical music concerts and educational programs that serve the central Ozarks.




We believe that anyone can enjoy classical music performances when programs are presented in casual, educational, and accessible atmospheres.




  • To engage our community in a beautiful musical experience

  • To inspire and enrich the lives of folks who live in the Central Ozarks

  • To use music to teach life skills such as (but not limited to) critical thinking, logic, teamwork, and creativity to area youth 

  • To engage local businesses as venues and encourage economic growth

  • To build a unified community across audience and musicians

  • To uphold the highest possible standard of music-making in all of our ensembles

  • To perform repertoire that spans across the entire history of classical music in addition to the music of living composers



  • To provide young musicians with great professional opportunities in music preparation and performance 

  • To provide musicians with professional development and networking opportunities 

  • To instill a sense of self-sufficiency and autonomy amongst musicians 

  • To inspire camaraderie amongst musicians 



  • The TFO brings up to 100 musicians from around the globe together to make music and expand their networks.

  • The TFO provides musicians with free housing, meals, and professional development seminars in addition to musical growth.

  • The value of in-kind donations such as housing, food, and venue use is approximately $250,000 per year.

  • TFO's annual operating budget is about $20,000.

  • 90% of our total budget comes from individual donations.

  • TFO Alumni Musicians perform in prestigious ensembles such as (but not limited to) the New World Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra, the North Carolina Symphony, the Atlanta Symphony, the Kansas City Symphony, and more.

  • Members of the Orchestra have attended exceptional institutions such as Juilliard, Eastman, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Florida State University, Indiana University, the UMKC Conservatory, and more.

  • TFO's audience sizes range from 200-2,000 people, depending on the venue.

  • At least 1 concert in every 8 is designated for children, reaching approximately 100 children per event. 

Photo by Corrina Van Hamlin
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